new york city

i had déjà vu today while wandering the aisles of Target, looking for the little things i had forgotten while packing. it reminded me of the first time i moved to Toronto and had to figure it all out for myself.

it's been a while since i've had to find my way all alone in a new city. i fell in love with solo travel for the first time in San Francisco.

the concept of “home” has always been complicated for me. it took me two years to finally start calling Toronto “home," and i still have mixed feelings about that. i'm curious whether this ever gets any easier.

i'm attempting to make Brooklyn feel like home by the time i leave, but it's been a while since i tried to find “home” in a new place. i enjoy finding the best places in a neighbourhood to get coffee and make small talk with the people behind the counter. i think i'm out of practice, but it'll come back.

i'm not quite sure how i feel about New York City yet, but i do like adventure.

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