Writing is thinking

Reading Supply is a writing and discussion tool for artists, thinkers, creators, and humans. Everyone should have access to good tools for developing and sharing specific knowledge.

What is available?

Here is what is available to anyone who has alpha access:

  • Publishing

    Easily write a post and share it on the internet.

  • Simplicity

    Use our WYSIWYG's attempt at perfect plainness and maximum usability.

  • Drafts

    A place to write without publishing publicly. Experiment with your ideas in private.

  • Discussions

    Start threads and annotate published writing. Readers can place feedback pins on drafts and images.

  • Shortcuts

    There are keyboard hotkeys and Markdown shortcuts that match conventions from popular products.

  • Useful blocks

    Add React components, full-width images, code-blocks, and table elements to your posts.

  • Profiles

    A page you can use to share your writing and information about yourself.

  • Organization

    Organize your posts and drafts inside of a library. Add published posts to an archive to share a timeline with others.

  • Inbox

    An interface to manage your messages and customize visibility of your published posts.

What is next?

Based on user feedback and our goals, there are features in the works:

  • Editing modes

    In addition to our WYSIWYG editor, write entire posts in LaTex, HTML or Markdown.

  • Themeing

    Themeing that matches the functionality inside of Safari's reader view.

  • Advanced blocks

    Enhanced image support, third-party service embeds, graphs and charts.

  • Full mobile function

    Use the entire product through a phone or tablet browser.

  • Identity

    Custom domains, brand customization, and flair.

  • Analytics

    Learn more about your readers and their engagement with your writing.

  • Newsletters

    Allow your readers to subscribe to your posts via e-mail.

  • Imports

    Import posts from other networks. Post via an API.

  • Physical books

    Just for fun.

Stay tuned

The opportunity to develop a meaningful writing tool for people seeking specific knowledge is exhilarating. Stay tuned for updates :-)

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