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Reading Supply is a writing and discussion platform. We aim to be the home for: essays, criticism, manifestos, fiction, diaries, scripts, blog posts and white papers. Want to explore Reading Supply? If you are on your desktop or laptop you can try the Tree Explorer. Want to create your own tree? Anyone on Reading Supply can create connections between posts, users, and archives. For example:

  • Mention a writer: @arcalinea @cindy @mathemakitten

  • Mention any archive: $rs-devlog $genesis

  • Or mention a post: &comparing-ipfs-and-dat

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A meditation on usability and plainness. Public vanity metrics do not exist. Writers come to write and share.


Writers control who has access to their writing. No popularity feeds or global search. All posts are encrypted.


An independently run business. We will not raise venture funds. We make the promise to never shut down.


A focus on conversations and annotations. Use the Tree Explorer to find linked posts, archives, and users.


Reading Supply is free to use with an access key.

Any member of the community can invite you. Free users will always get access to the majority of features.

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The editor

Our attempt at a writing experience that focuses on plainness and utility.


Write private documents


Control who can see your writing


Use WYSIWYG hotkeys

Markdown shortcuts

Use markdown shortcuts

Markdown preview

Preview your post as markdown for copying


Create components with React and Emotion


Reference other published posts, archives, and users in any post

Discussion tools

Meaningful discussion is the best way to connect with other people on the internet.


Annotate any text on a published post and discuss it

Feedback pins

Write temporary feedback on drafts before they are published


Have discussions in a familiar thread format with peers


Manage all discussions and notifications around your conversations

Mobile web inbox

Respond to direct messages from your mobile device


Collaborators should be able to share and discuss writing together, publicly or privately.

Shared feed

Share a post feed with collaborators

Reference links

Build a list of references with collaborators


Control who can see posts and who can contribute

Your library

A personal space where you can synthesize learnings.

File system

Organize and reorder your posts in folders


Search through your library with paragraph highlights

Export folders

Export your folders as archived markdown files to your computer


Manage your library from an API

Mobile web library

Manage your library from your mobile device


Writers should be able to present their writing in a way that represents their beliefs. It should be easy to stay close with collaborators.


Pin or reorganize your posts, create a biography and signature


Receive updates from collaborators

Custom domains

Turn your Reading Supply profile into your personal website

Tree discovery

Navigate a tree of posts, archives, and users that are connected by &, $, and @ mentions