Garden City - Mark Comer


Garden City is a purposeful guide for the next generation - the book that will help twenty- and thirty-somethings to understand and embrace their calling and purpose as they figure out next steps and direction in their lives (taken from Amazon).


I'm not the most religious person ever, but this book deeply resonated with me. The takeaways from this book became part of my life philosophy as a purpose-driven creative.


  • It's a core part of our human identity.

    • According to Genesis, we live to work. It's because we were created to be stewards of His world.

    • We are made in His image, and He is a working God.

  • Calling isn't chosen; it's discovered.

  • The best way to serve others with our work is to "serve the work".

    • Quote from Dorothy Sayers, British writer

    • The love of excellence isn't narcissistic; it's rooted in love for others.

    • Doing one thing well is an act of service and love.

    • If you're excellent, you don't need to ask for attention.

  • Work can be a god in and of itself.

    • Without being rooted in a deeper purpose (e.g. God), work can become the end, instead of a means to an end.

  • Everything has a cost.

    • Everything we enjoy costs something. And if it doesn’t cost us, it costs someone else.

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