Communities: on being helpful

I ask a question.

Someone passively aggressively answers my question with a non-answer. Then goes on to subtly tell me that I'm at fault.

That's not why I'm here. If I knew how to solve my problems, I wouldn't have asked. The best I'll accept as my fault is that I didn't ask the question more intelligently – stating what i have tried and what didn't work. That's on me.

But answering with a non-answer and blaming me further for not being able to solve my problem...

That's not how you build and participate in a community.

What might work is giving the person asking a question the benefit of doubt and try to be helpful.

If you can't be helpful, the best thing to do would be to not do anything.

Note: I'm writing this note on Communities so i'll becoming better at building them as I move through this new decade.

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