Day 100: Mike Rubini

Mike DMed me on Twittwr to ask if I could help him with deciding on a product name. Thankfully I checked my DMs and saw it. It seemed urgent and well, it was!

After discussing for a while, he settled on TargetBear. It was 3 syllables and memorable. Most people know about Target in the United States. And bear 🐻 is an animal we’re all fond of. Coincidentally, the dot com domain was available.

I asked Mike if he could wait for a day and ask me to pick a domain again. Not from a list but from memory. This would allow him to know if a name was sticky. If it’s sticky, people could easily mention his prosecution to friends by word of mouth.

But he said no. He had to launch it today and that was just the way he did things. It was to launch quickly and see which product works. Clicking through his website, everything feels exactly like an MVP. He explained in a tweet, he already did something like this before. He was merely productizing what he had built as a feature for another product.

An hour ago, he sent me a link to to tell me it was up. He really launched it in a day. I was blown away. I’m not going to sit back and let my newsletter search engine collect dust. I’ll find an MVP and build it within a day. And I’ll hit launch.

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