Day 106: Military Service (shrugs)

I'm preparing to sleep early today – it's almost 12AM here. I say early because I usually sleep around 1-2AM, much to the detriment of my health. In 6 hours, I'll have to rise early, 45 minutes ahead of sunrise. I have to do all these because I'm headed back for my compulsory military service tomorrow.

It'll be an 8 to 5 job, where I'll probably sit in some office or store room. I will probably not be asked to do much as I'm only there for 2-3 weeks. After I'm done with 3 weeks of service, I'll be able to complete 2 years of conscripted service.

This doesn't come easy to me because it affects my ability to work. The pay that I get from my conscripted service isn't a lot. It's probably somewhere between 400 - 600. College graduates from my course typically make 4-5K as their starting pay. I'm losing out with a huge gap. Also, the job market is so terrible now and I have to deal with this. I don't blame the country in any way but it's just that we're living in strange times.

The riots and deaths of innocent people in the United States is stirring my emotions too. No one should have had to face what they're facing. I can't say I understand fully what they're going through, because I'm living in the comfort of safe Singapore. Yet, we're so connected by fast moving media today, it's just really hard to not be affected by all that's happening. I hope that things will get better.

As much as I can, there's little I can do from where I am. All I can do now is work hard, serve the world in the way I know best – building apps and running my newsletter.

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