Day 108: Business is for the patient

It’s easy to forget how our forefathers built their wealth from nothing. It’s not only luck, but persistence and patience. Because of the progress they’ve brought about with their wealth and societal contributions, we enjoy today’s privileges. The same privileges also spoil us.

We have had no taste of the sweetness of patience’s rewards. Everything today moves at a pace where we expect results to manifest quickly. Try a business model and bam, results should appear. If it doesn’t, we get upset. I’m a victim of such a dangerous form of thinking.

I used to believe I should try as many experiments as I could. Eventually one of them would work. My mentor Andrew, said it best:

It should not come as a surprise that if you try every business model under the sun, one would surely work.

The key to success isn’t to try everything and pray that it works. It’s to do the right things and have patience. Good things take time. It’s an oft repeated phrase that’s cliche today. But it’s still true regardless of time.

I’m currently busy with my compulsory military conscription. Hence it’s going to take a while for me to build Young Makers. I would be anxious I’m moving slowly, but I’ve learnt to get in touch with my feelings. Being a maker isn’t just about getting results. It’s also about learning how to become better at making as a person. Emotional mastery is equally as important as building.

It doesn’t matter how fast you can go if you don’t take care of your body and mind.

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