Day 11: Wireframing!

Worked on the wireframes for Young Makers because I found myself spending too much time re-coding the frontend.

A quick recap: The general idea of what the Young Makers platform is still needs refining. But the gist of it is basically...

to chronicle young makers journies and the challenges they face and how they surmounted it. This allows any other makers to easily search for these by well-defined categories and learn from them

I also wrote up my DOs and DONTs list for design which is based on my personal philosophy for design:

  1. Don’t make me spend more than 2s to find something

  2. Don’t make me click more than 2x to do something / get somewhere

  3. If an action can be often repeated, don’t make me have to click 2x

    For example: Add article to a list. Don’t make me click on the list and click save. Just let me click on the list once and it saves.

  4. Let me focus on 1 thing and stop distracting me with so much shit and colors

  5. Don’t take more than 1.3s to load something. If it can be instant, make it so.

  6. Always think of how it’s done in real world – use that as your baseline.

Following those rules, I paid more attention to the smaller details and arrived at the following:

While it might look fancy to keep the logo and add another “X” cancel icon for the search beside it... I believe that less noise is better. The user should focus on what's most essential.


Taking a few steps back from what I've wireframed (or "painted"), I notice a few things that could be improved on:

  1. I should not use “Founder of Young Makers” but stick to something more explicit like “Author”. This would make it more explicit that I'm the author of the post and not the business owner.


  2. I forgot to put in the business bio! I could steal some inspiration from Failory, StarterStory and a few other places – let's see my moodboard tomorrow!


  3. Users might think that the magnifier icon is clickable. I should take note to make sure that even if they clicked on it, they would notice a change happening.

Let me know what are your thoughts! Are the designs functional enough?

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