Day 16: half glass full

Started my day late with a call from my girlfriend at 2pm. I might have slept in for a bit longer were it not for her call – thanks dearest! Took me a while to gather enough energy in my half sick state (flu is terrible) to get out of bed. Brushed my teeth and went out for lunch.

Had lunch with kopi c kosong (singaporean way of saying coffee with milk and no sugar) then went back home and started working on whatever I could think of doing. This turned out to be a bad idea because I was unproductively trying to figure out what to do.

I will learn from this and start with a clear list of TODOs ranked by priority from tomorrow onwards.

Things became more productive when I decided to work on Sprint 2's tasks for my part-time dev work. Did a remote call to fix my colleague's docker setup because I'm the one who did the branch for the setup. Couldn't fix everything but we had a stand up meeting at 9pm so we did that first. Sorted out blockers and more TODOs for this sprint. Went back into the remote call about fixing Docker and eventually figured out it was a careless mistake on my part – i didn't set password for postgres in docker-compose.yml. Now it all works for all of us.

About to head to bed so I can start early and fresh tomorrow.

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