Day 17: Work + Maker Fears

Plans for today

I wrote in Day 16 that I would plan for the next day. In that way, I won't be unproductively finding things to do to feel productive.

  1. Work on setting up bootstrap 4.4 views for work – no freaking idea if this makes sense at all. I should be generating rail scaffolds and using them?


    Maybe if it still doesn't make sense, I'll look into writing bootstrap 4.4 generators for forms? If they still don't make sense, i'll setup React and write react components so we can reuse them. Or wait, i'll just try and add this library instead?


  2. Meet with Outside to discuss about integrating their API with SMUMods.


    I'll also want to draft things I want to take out of the collab in better words. For example, diagrams to be used so our dev teams knows what data we are dealing with. Oauth flows maybe? or tokens exchanged etc. Security concerns, etc.


    Most importantly, how do we do this in the best way possible so we can use the same flow to integrate services like Glints, etc in the future?


  3. asdad


I'm actually fucking scared I won't succeed with whatever I'm doing with Young Makers. There's really mountains of uncertainties that festers in my mind and steals away my sleep – it's 6.16AM. I could list them and they will never end:

  • What if no one needs it?

  • What if too little people need it?

  • What if I can't make enough money from it? Is it really worth the effort?

  • What if it ends up becoming another “for the good of the community but no money to be made” project

  • What if it takes too long for me to turn a profit?

  • What if I have to start charging my users and I don't want to do it because it might not be the best for young makers who really need what I'm doing?

  • What if I'm just wasting time on something that won't help me at all?

  • What if I can’t find a network that will allow me to maximise my strengths and grow my audience base? — I don’t want to do a video recording of myself like Jason Zook. I’m not so comfortable with video recording myself. I’m not sure there’s much I want to say to the camera. I’m not ready to deal with haters — I love being around positive more than negative, even if it means I have to go slower to curate people / my audience

Other things that I'm bothered by besides work:

  • Not reading enough fiction – i feel i'm not able to be as creative as I could be with words. In that they may evoke more emotion because it's the language that stirs people in many ways – into action, into bonding, into connecting...

  • I need more control over my productivity. I need to know what I want to achieve at the end of each month and break it down into daily steps so I can get there.

    I need to accept that if I fail to achieve one of the steps, I can always do them tomorrow but I’d have to double up my effort. I have to remember that my goal is the end of the month goal

  • i feel that not having micro and macro goals is one of the biggest cause for my lack of productivity. I’m wandering aimlessly


I feel better now that I have enumerated through all my worries. Now that they're down somewhere, I could tackle them one at a time.

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