Day 19: Random Plans for Today

Plans for today

  1. Clock 4 hours of Novocall work (7 - 9pm; 12 - 2am)


    I want to do more but I don't think I can focus on that one thing for that long.

    1. Gonna try to do pair programming with yash so it's less boring.

    2. Generate mood board for Contacts, Messages, Conversations, Platforms, Apps and AppUsers because I have no fucking idea what these are.

    3. Will also work on generating bootstrap views for the above components based on the research gathered. Will store these views in pages in Dashboard views (named accordingly after each component name. i.e. dashboard/contacts, dashboard/apps)


  2. Goal Setting & Growth Planning


    Contemplate and write about what I want to achieve by the end of this year (growth, goals, etc), then break them down into quarterly goals. With that context set, write about this month's (March 2020) goals and plan how to accomplish that. Write all of them down here.


  3. Track all my deadlines and start on some of them today (sat night) + tomorrow (Sunday)


    1. Ethics essay

    2. Visual Analytics individual assignment

    3. Visual Analytics project (check with Jordy)

    4. International Business project

    5. MCRA catching up (i haven't caught up with obtaining all the badges from Salesforce...)

    6. Retail Banking quiz (THIS MONDAY!!)

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