Day 2: Diarrhoea

I woke up feeling a terrible pain in my stomach. As I clutched it, I could feel that an imaginary dam was about to explode like the niagara falls.

Sure enough, I dashed straight for the toilet (fortunately, thank God it wasn't in use) and within seconds, I felt the full force of nature unleash itself.

Hopefully that wasn't too grim for whoever is reading this.

Taking a Pause

I couldn't help falling sick. But, perhaps it's timely os I can take today to reflect, which I did.

I think some of my close friends would say I’m unfocused. In many ways I am unfocused, but I have also come to realise it could be a strength – I just need to procrastinate less.

The first part of my college life, I did well in my studies but i didn’t really know what I was studying shit for. That disconnect made me look towards other things such as:

  1. Running a student club that’s well-funded today (5 digit coffers) and still going strong with over a few hundred members.


    They just did their strategic board meeting to pick the new President and Vice Presidents. It is also now an almost 20 people team with a whole array of cool initiatives. There was none of these new initiatives when I first started to revive the sstudent club.


  2. Getting into startups. Working at some, it failed and closed down. My GPA tanked as well and I still haven’t found any purpose in studying 🤷‍♂️


    But in around my 3rd year, I discovered what Indie hacking was and met really cool people like the one i told you ( Then I built SMUMods to impress my current gf so she would be up for a date (she’s my girlfriend today so you know it worked)


I did a few things well but sure i fucked up my GPA too. I'm now at 3.2ish out of. a 4.0, down from a 3.79/3.8 at the end of year 1.

Neither have I made tons of money. I’m probably at $1K in my bank account. So by many normalized standards of society’s definition of success, I’m not there.

But I'll get there eventually.

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