day 24: ryankulp's calendar method kinda works

I think I knew about how scheduling your TODOs might work. But it didn't click for me until I read Ryan Kulp's post on "how i produce". My main takeaways from the post are something like the following:

  • if its not in my calendar, i'm not doing it; this teaches me to plan what i intend to do for the rest of the day. it helps me to stay focused by design.


  • if it’s not in the calendar, it doesn’t happen; Ryan says "this includes friends who want to meet for coffee but don’t send an invite. does. not. happen."


  • schedule my day in advance and follow the plan; when I have a clear set of tasks, even if my mood sucks, I still know I wanna crush these tasks to feel better.

I tried it for today and it works. I got at least 75% of what I wanted to do for today done.

See that huge blank space after International Business and Grab Lunch? That's where I overslept. It had tasks there but I had to shift them downwards.

I also know now what affects my productivity most: sleep and energy. What caused me to fail to accomplish the other 25% of my tasks on time is the unexpected over-nap and extra nap I had to take in the morning and late afternoon respectively.

Thanks Ryan! Your writing is creating a positive impact on my life. In some ways, you're an informal mentor and I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me through your writing. If you ever happen to read this and want to connect with me, I would love to connect!

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