Day 30: make students start a business

Looming project deadlines back to back is stressing me out. Heck, one of my group members was hard to deal with. That made me even more stressed out.

One of them is such a perfectionist such that when she feels stressed, she would kinda take it out on me. To be exact, she gave me a black face when I asked some trivial questions. It's not like my week didn't suck. You didn't have to do this.

I know people get stressed and not perform optimally in their projects. But taking out on others? Not okay.

Personally, I try my best not to judge those who work with me on projects when they don't do well. I try to first ask if everything is ok. If not, I'll tell them to communicate with me so we can work something out.

If I can help them, I will. I know every bit of understanding helps and I'm willing to take up more work for them, as long as they tell me they need help ahead of time.

PS: Thanks to Yong Long and Shubham for checking in on me! I appreciate it a lot. I'm also sorry I have been feeling unwell.

School is liability

School is a liability because of our duty to our families to obtain the degree. It's such a dumb norm asian societies have.

The original idea of an education is to help students develop character and the requisite skils for success in their choice endeavours. How can this happen if we feel like we are part of a cookie cutter mould – everyone else is going through a baking process and ending up being similar to each other.

Why can't school allow us to learn what we want to learn? If i chose to become an indie hacker, why can't I learn skills related to that? For example, marketing, sales, etc. Why can't my projects be based on whether I succeeded in launching a business? Even if it failed, it would have been a valuable experience.

Schools can be an asset

By allowing students to learn what helps them in their future endeavours, they can also surround themselves with the right community to aid them towardss success. Learning marketing would have helped me to make friends with better marketers than I am. Being friends with such people would have, by osmosis, incrementally made me a better marketer. I wouldn't have to start from ZERO then. Every bit of additional advantage counts. You don't get to 100K MRR overnight. It takes years.

Starting in year 1 of university would have saved me that time. Why can't schools allow students to explore that? That's an idea heh?

PS: No interesting links today because i haven't had time to find them. Will bring it back in a few days or less!

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