Day 37: systems kicking into effect

I woke up early today at around 8, expecting to start my day early. I was expecting myself to crush tasks with high levels of productivity. But nope, this did not happen. The past few days my circadian rhythm has been messed up because I took many naps in the day. That made it very difficult for me to sleep at night and so I popped a sleeping pill – oddly enough, it was bright yellow, as if it was screaming "biohazard, don't touch me"

Waking up at 8, crusty eyes half opened, I checked off some notifications on my phone. But... I could not take it any longer. I was so sleepy and I drifted back into sleep. Fast forward many hours later, it was 3pm and I told myself “you gotta get up or you'll have to pop another pill again tonight to sleep.” Worried that this cycle would perpetuate itself, i forced myself up and went to grab lunch and kopi (a singaporean's way of saying coffee)

When I reached home and settled down at my desk, I felt lost and wasn't sure what I should be doing. Surprisingly, my systems kicked in and I knew i wanted to accomplish at least 3 things for sure today:

  1. write my daily journal

  2. ship a Young Makers feature/mockup

  3. work on my learning processes

Any other TODOs were secondary. These were my priorities because they are systems I want to keep for the long term. I must not, and i could not fail to be consistent with them. The “muscles” in my head just went into automatic mode and I opened up Figma. Before I knew it, I was already done with improving the Homepage mockup for Young Maker.

1% Improvements Today

  1. Day 4 of Product Building

    Improved homepage mockup


  2. Improve my Learning Process

    Researched Zettelkasten for Roam and took notes


  3. Write Daily

    Writing an essay.

Product Building

Improving My Writing

I'm developing an entire essay from scratch titled My Content Strategy. I will try to implement Julian Shapiro's advice as I go about it.

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