Day 38: Bad sleep kills productivity

Didn’t get to sleep well at all last night. I slept at 5am after tossing in bed for 3-4 hours — it was terrible. I drifted in and out of sleep intermittently and slept in till around 3.30PM

This threw me off my guard and flipped any plans I had into disarray. I still shipped, following my systems.

I can’t focus on school work though because my mind isnt able to think properly for anything heavier. Designing the output above isn’t hard — I already know what to do. it also doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s a work in progress.

i popped some melatonin pills (2x3mg) tonight and I’m sleepy af as I write this. Should reset my sleencucle — it better work! I’ll be back to the grind tomorrow doing up school work first then let my sis end kick into effect. That’s how awesome systems are.

i couldn’t bring myself to go to bed if I didn’t publish this. I tried my best at least.

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