Day 4: Back to work

Today was not productive at all. I slept at 6am and woke up at 12pm. Spent an hour eating breakfast and started writing Idea 3 on Reading Supply (RS). You can't read it unless you are a registered member of RS. And I have given you access to the archive that houses it.

It's such a load off my mind to brain dump what has mellowed in my mind for 5 years.

Making Online Friends

I love this so so much. It's one of the best things about the Internet. I get to meet wonderful people like Jim and Pablo

Through Jim, I've learnt a lot about what it takes to make people feel good. And grow a community of positive people. He has also taught me about how far passion can take a person. He spends every bit of free time to build Reading Supply and chip by chip, he's chiselling away at a masterpiece. I remain marvelled at how pleasant it is to write on this platform everyday.

There is a lot to learn about design from Jim as well – he has some of the best books to recommend. It will take me a while to complete them but I will be sure to read finish them. I want to keep learning from him – I know a good person to learn from when I see one. I've regretted so much of my youth for not daring to ask questions so I can learn more, I'm not going to do that now.

While my conversation with Pablo was brief, it was refreshing. We exchanged thoughts about books we have read and we talked about products we have built. I love it when I can learn something new from people I speak with – i want to keep talking with them and keep on learning.

Questions I want to ponder on, (maybe) do and write about...

How did rails get so big. Will Blitz succeed?

Maybe this is why we need historians – so we can understand why something failed or succeeded.

Becoming a better designer

Should I start designing stuff with constraints?

Stick with 2-3 colors – black and white and blue (for links) like Reading Supply.

Can I do this for YoungMakers?

An Essay on Evaluating Business Ideas

I would like to compile a few frameworks that successful bootstrappers have put up. A list of names I know that have such frameworks of sorts:

  1. Arvid Kahl

  2. Ryan C Kulp

  3. Name me someone!

now the big question is how do I adapt them for my own use, and use that to filter my list of ideas in my Reading Supply archives?

Top Tools that changed your life

What were the tools that unlocked immense opportunities for you? For me:

  1. MacBook allowed me to use design tools like sketch and unix terminal — way easier to develop rails apps on this


  2. Reading Supply allowed me to feel at home when writing


  3. WIP Chat introduced me into the world of indie hacking


  4. Rails is really great to code in

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