Day 41: improving my systems

I haven't done much again today because i've been sleeping throughout the day. It seems that my sickness hasn't gone away yet and it has been a huge detriment to my productivity. Maybe this has something to do with my forgetting to take vitamins daily. I'll work on that.

Random Bits

What I do have are random bits from randomly checking out things that sound interesting on the web.

  1. Stew Fortier writes an interesting newsletter and I read these lines which compelled me to subscribe:


    "This is only noteworthy because I didn’t read that paper assuming it’d help me at work, I picked it up because one of my hobbies is reading random crap on the internet. Through writing, I’ve become a stronger communicator."


    This sounds a lot like me in 2 regards. Firstly, I like to read “random” stuff on the internet related to my interests. Secondly, I want to become a stronger communicator through writing. This is why I write daily and try to stretch myself further by writing essays beyond my daily writings.


  2. I would like to further study how Yusuf Qabil succeeded with One Profile, his second indie hacking project. Looking at his first ProductHunt launch, it seems that he took to building in product to learn faster by harnessing the power of communities – such as indiehackers, etc. Recently, he made $800 in total revenue.


    He also wrote a twitter thread that got him 1.6K likes and 195 retweets. That's something I can learn from. I want to learn how he ships in public and emulate that. ASAP.


    Also, I'm a rails dev and OneProfile being built in Rails is interesting to me.


  3. I've been reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller. Initially, I saw it as just a self-help book but Niko Canner, a successful business executive wrote really nice things about it. I read on and was still confused. But I wasn't going to stop here – the old me would have just dismissed this as yet another self-help book. However, a friend I deeply respect for his business knowledge told me this:


    "Listen very carefully to what he’s saying. Not just what he is saying, but the type of thinking that would lead him to say the things he is saying. Copy that."


    And so I went back to Niko's post about the book and re-read it over and over a few times. And it clicked. I think I now better understand the type of thinking that leads Niko to write about what he gleaned from the book as applied to business. I'm not saying I grasped it entirely but I'm closer to learning how Niko thinks about things. And that matters a lot to me because I'll be able to use his models to better understand the world. My models on its own would be limited in its capabilities.


  4. I've also read Growth Without Goals by Patrick O'Schaughnessy and I like it a lot. In particular, Patrick writes the following that resonated strongly with me:


    Inventing the future is another way of saying “setting goals.” Success, especially in the West, then becomes about achieving those goals. We accumulate accomplishments and call it success. Success means something very different to me, and I think being a great father will be about effectively communicating this different definition of success to my kids. Success is about building a set of daily practices, it is about growth without goals.  Continuous, habitual practice(s) trumps achievement-based success


    This stuck in my mind because reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, I was already contemplating the importance of having good models and systems in place as a proper foundation for growth.


Random Thoughts

This is a daily journal and though it's public, there's no reason not to put these thoughts here.

  1. I'm going to explore more about Patrick O'Schaughnessy and map things that I want to remember permanently on Roam. I'll also schedule a few blocks of time to create a Roam to Spaced Repetition System (SRS). This will allow me to remember important things and quickly remember the connections between memories.


  2. Subscribing to newsletters feels like a way to connect with its operators. Yet, its so tedious to remember which newsletters I subscribe to. I might be able to repurpose SubSubGo for this. SubSubGo is originally meant to be a newsletter search engine but I couldn't think of ways to monetize it. Also, it might be risky to publicize email newsletters as the content belongs to the newsletter operators. They might not be okay with their content being public as newsletters are a sort of “more intimate letter” to their readers. This is better than just killing SubSubGo and I want to at least be able to make some profits from it to pay for the cost of the domain and hosting.


  3. Need to schedule blocks of time to investigate David Perell's posts on how to become a writer. I'll have to also add them as notes into Roam and commit them to memory so it's easier to refer to it in my mind as I write.


  4. I came across Read This Twice and the concept is good – mostly just the part where they provide authentic book recommendations from "people we look up to". But it can be much better. For example, there is no clear information hierarchy. The book information and recommendation excerpt could be better organized. Maybe put it in a separate row.


    I would consider building this with a social angle to it. It's basically what my intial project, intended to achieve. However, I wanted things to be perfect from day 1 and i've learnt that isn't the best kind of thinking for my current position. If i was Steve Jobs and ran Apple, my products have to be perfect the moment I ship it. But no, I'm an indie hacker and my goal is to get shit out and test if there's a market demand for it.

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