Day 43: timebomb

Today wasn't really a good day.

Received bad news from parents that COVID is strainig the economy and they will be receiving a pay cut. I fear it might be a timebomb because no one knows how the economy will be like over the next 1 - 2 years.

Although it's not my job but we‘re family and it affects me too. I take some allowance from my parents afterall. My biggest concern then is how do I make sure I secure a job when I graduate and stay with it for the next few years. I’ll also have to make my side projects profitable asap.

I need a game plan and i have to do it fast. Time is a two sided blade – it helps me compound the returns of my personal growth. It can also cut me by throwing me out there into the fire without any defensive equipment.

I have to also save up for building a home with my girlfriend within the next decade.

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