Day 46: start making!

Today's twitter feed was filled with so much inspirational stories of makers succeeding. Man, I'm still stuck with being sick – i just had really wet stools and a quick googling seems to indicate its diarrhoea. I'm getting more worried about whether I'm an asymptomatic COVID-19 carrier. I'll get myself to the clinic tomorrow to see what the doctor says. So far:

  • Slight cough – mostly itchy throat but not scratchy.

  • Flu – but it goes away once I sleep plenty by taking naps during the day

  • Issues breathing when I have blocked nose / flu due to mucus. It's at night now and I'm writing this but I don't have any issues breathing

  • Tiredness throughout the day but maybe it's because I slept less than 8 hours

  • Things seem to get better after I started taking vitamins and a lingzhi pill (supposedly good for boosting one's immune system) 3 days ago. Trying to be consistent with this.

Inspirational Maker Links

📊 Andrey's Open Page

Between March 2018 to Feb 2019, Andrey has been making MRR of <2K. In march 2019 he broke that figure and got to 5K MRR. Since then, his MRR fluctuates but reaches new peaks with the latest being ~10K in March 2020. The greatest takeaway I got here is not that he has it made. That's trivializing the story and the stupidiest thing I could do by dismissing it as "great for andrey". The point is he started 2 years ago and made strides in improving himself and his products. Over time, as he improved, so did his recurring revenue. I need to start making and launching products and let my users guide me towards improving my products.

💡 Digital Product Opportunities by Daniel Vassallo

Daniel Vassallo, who has made more than $60K sales in digital products to date by leveraging his twitter and email audiences gives some ideas on making money. He shares one can emulate Basecamp's initial model of creating an info product by reviewing software categories, put them in a PDF and sell it. I already know of this idea but i'm not executing. I need to start making and the flywheel will start spinning. Damn it.

Enough of these inspirational and motivational stuff. I'm going to start building and I'll start a habit for this, in sickness or poorness.

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