Day 47: less flu, more diarrhoea

Ok, I’m fairly certain my flu is gone. But now I’m getting runny stools and the need to poop every few hours.

I didn’t sleep the whole of last night and felt like heading out to buy breakfast in the mornjng. Of course, I would be reasonably armed to the teeth before leaving. Sanitiser spray, check. Face mask, check. And maybe a glove of garlic to repel the virus. Just kidding on the garlic. My Dad offered to drive me to the nearest mall but insisted that I try checking the food delivery app if there’s an option for delivering my choice of breakfast from Ya Kun, a local breakfast chain.

Surprisingly, it was already open although it’s only 7.30AM in the morning. Ordered my kopi c (coffee with milk, made the local way) and steamed kaya bread. I wouldn’t have minded walking to the nearest mall but my parents insisted on my avoiding crowds for fear of the virus spreading to our family. We live in paranoid times – not that it's a bad thing. Better to err on the side of caution.

Not too long later, breakfast came and I watched Shu Omi’s YouTube videos on how he uses Roam while I munched on bread and sipped coffee. Took plenty of notes and emulated Shu Omi's format on my Roam. I‘ve also started watching the new videos Nat added to his Roam course and it’s amazing. I intend to watch finish all of them tomorrow and transfer it into Roam templates.

The earlier I do this, the less worried I will feel about not having systems in place to capture new knowledge.

Lots of things happened around 4pm when Singapore announced more stringent measures to cope with the pandemic. It's something like a lockdown where businesses that aren't essential services are advised to halt operations for around a month I think.

Now I’m going to brush my teeth, shower and get ready for bed. Hoping to sleep early today and wake up early tomorrow feeling recharged. Took 3 melatonin pills and I think it's already starting to take effect.

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