Day 49: show up everyday

When you show up everyday, people will start showing up to watch what you have to perform. For the past 49 days I have been writing in my daily blog consistently. It seems that a combination of authenticity, consistency and value-creation are what's working for me.

Having shown up daily, I finally received some sort of nice feedback that I've been heard. I woke up pleasantly surprised to see a notification of a new direct message (DM) in my Twitter inbox. The author was so kind to write this and this means a lot to me:

It's little things like that on the Internet that keeps me motivated to keep going, even when my energy seems depleted from the hard knocks of life. This is also why I try my best to pass on positive vibes everywhere I go – at least I try!

For those who just started following me, I just announced yesterday that I'm building my latest side project in public, on Twitter. I had trouble finding my mojo earlier in the day, but the persistent thought of “im building in public now, I gotta ship something at least” kept hammering away in my head. Eventually, a nail went through and I quickly mocked together something.

It wasn't easy. I even shared the intial “crappy canvas” that was a mess in a tweet. Remembering that perfection was the enemy of building things – because you end up scaring yourself into not doing anything, I kept staying on course and eventually did a mock up I was pleased with.

It's still fairly raw but the overall artistic direction has been set and I have a better idea of how to polish this further.

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