Day 5: Progress

If we cannot tell a story about what has happened to us, nothing has happened to us. — Mariano Avila

Todos for today

  1. Clear JIRA tickets for Novocall

  2. Work on Young Makers

  3. Write Mentorable's Post Mortem

Bonus: Edit my learning framework to include how i want to push my learning capabilities by becoming a Level 99 Rails dev + learn clojure + ios/mac osx dev?

What about school? Other feelings...

I've decided to spend the whole of today on just those 3 things. It's extremely draining to work on school work – i fucking hate it.

I'm taking ownership of those negative feelings about school today and I'm going to own those 3 todos i set out to do.

I procrastinate a lot because I give in to my fears. But not today.

Baby steps.

My mood really sucks today as well. I woke up late again at 11am. I'm having a bad sinus where my nose continually drips mucus.

But I'm not going to let these negativities own me.

I'm still gonna make progress today!

Young Makers Progress

🎧 Accelerated Learning - Gamma Waves for Focus, Memory, Concentration - Binaural Beats - Focus Music

This music is basically a free alternative to It helps me to remove any distractions and I'm somehow able to stay focused on my work. Listening to classical music actually makes me feel sleepy. This just works.


  1. Do interview page

  2. Link all the data models together

  3. Add an admin namespace to allow me to manage interviews

  4. Add markdown for interviews

  5. Add form to allow me to add business + maker within the interview page?

  6. Add slug for interview page

  7. Add the simplest way to upload images for the post

  8. Add a status for the interview (draft, published, hidden)

  9. Add a paid tier for the interview (paid, unpaid, paid+exclusive)


  1. Add threaded comments (i've done this before for SMUMods alpha version)

  2. Allow a HN news like platform for people to submit interesting links and resources or to guest post

  3. Telegram community for anyone to join – they'll need to make a “virtual promise” on the rails site first to make sure they'll be active. (I need a way to prune inactives? Maybe scholarships so they feel an obligation? But i have no money to give? Maybe mentoring programs because mentors value-add?)

  4. Add emoji reactions (i want to know if my readers are happy, sad, angry, inspired, etc – might be able to do data analytics on this to improve my content)

  5. Add analytics to track the number of views (especially useful if i show this for threads that users create to share resources)

  6. Ways to link resources together? (wiki like merge – keep contributors name)


Ran into roadblocks because I'm using tailwindcss, the hard resets makes everything unstyled. I have to find a way to make my markdown html styled.

Only finished 3 things:

  1. Do interview page

  2. Link all the data models together

  3. Add markdown for interviews

Will crush the rest tomorrow! At least some progress.

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