Day 51: ship or fail!

It's 12AM and i'm a bit tired and have issues focusing on a single task at hand. I'll meditate later before I sleep and try to do this every night before sleeping. It should help my brain learn how to focus better.

Watched 1917 while having dinner and now I keep looping this song...

While I'm listening to the song on loop, I'm trying to finalize the code for Young Maker's landing page. Although I'm tired and I want to sleep, I will still get this done.

And BAM! I made this:


  1. take your vitamins seriously

  2. you can still get things done when sick with systems in place Tomorrow will be a better day!

Also started a new telegram community for Roam Geeks and I'm really excited for it!

Throughout the day, I've been reading interesting articles from Twitterverse and other places like email newsletters and slack chats. Subconsciously, I quickly started new documents on Roam via the Daily Notes page, then swiftly copy pasted the contents of the article I'm reading into Roam (it has to first be interesting for me to want to paste into Roam)

After which, I applied the Progressive Summarization method suggested by Tiago Forte through Nat Eliason's course.

Really excited on how my commonplace book in Roam is going to grow. I'm intending to use it to create more meaningful content over the next week!

Learnt a bit about building friends over Twitter and Email Newsletters a well. Will share more of it in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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