Day 52: advice doesn’t work. action does

I’ve always felt that I was in no position to give anyone advice in any form. Especially on the following topics: personal growth and indie hacking. In general, I don’t feel that I have any credentials for whatever topic I’m trying to advise someone on, even if we were both starting out learning the same thing; even if I learnt faster than the other person.

Time and again, I have been proven that 2 lost souls offering advice to each other is usually a waste of time. The only way forward is to compel one another to take action and execute whatever plans there are. Hopefully these plans are well thought out with good thinking, and with decent execution. Even with all that, it’s almost certain to fail.

Many friends have just slithered down that dark hole of low personal growth and they’re upset about it. They may occasionally ask for advice but I’ve found that my words usually don’t inspire well (it’s a hit or miss. mostly misses actually)

What seems to work for new friends who’ve recently gotten to know me is a camaderie in struggling together. My being transparent and consistent actually inspires them and I’m really happy about it. It adds meaning to what I do and to the struggles I’ve to go through.

perhaps the best way to help the friends and people I care about is to inspire them through actions. That’s why I have to double up

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