Day 54: My Gratitude List

There is so much gratitude I have for so many people I've met online for all the help they have provided me. These help may come in many forms but they matter not. My wish is to always keep a gratitude list of people who have helped me so that I can remember them and remind myself the joys their spirit of giving provides. I wish to also provide the same joy to many others.

A non-exhaustive list in no particular order with a brief reason on how they’ve helped me. The reasons may not include everything but will grow surely. I also hope to be able to have them as my mentor in some way or another in this journey to become a successful maker. I will always remember to be grateful.

Here goes the list:

Vera Sun

For being such an awesome girlfriend who listens to me daily, because it can be lonely on this journey with not much business companions to go at this with. I may sound boring repeating the same thing often, but you’ve been patient enough. You’ve also been trying your best to learn from my experiences and seeing that motivates me to work harder too, so I may be able to help you grow faster as an entrepreneur too. It encourages me to improve daily, even if it’s just by a bit. They add up eventually.

Chen Mor

For being a trusty accountability buddy who has been consistent in checking in on me. He has also provided me a lot of good perspectives that I haven’t thought of while I develop Young Makers. Besides giving me advice, he lives up to his advice and applies them for himself as well. I sincerely hope we can continue being indie making buddies for many years to come.

Pete from NoCSDegree

for encouraging me to try YoungMakers out. Also, I respect Pete for having started NoCSDegree from scratch and turning it into a profitable business. He has also been a man of his word who ran a twitter giveaway for a Roost laptop stand and paid $30+ in shipping when he didn’t have to — I offered to pay for shipping because I felt bad. He refused my offer anyway. I still intend to pay him for that once my products make me money.

Eugene Yan

Thanks for listening to me and for taking the time to read the resources I’ve sent you. Beyond just consuming these resources, you have also acted upon it and your writing, note-taking, twitter skills and newsletter skills have improved. Watching you grow brings me joy and motivation to continue helping you, and in the process, helping myself as well. You’ve been generous in sharing what worked for you and these learnings help me to learn as well. Keep up with the great work Eugene!

Marc Kohlbrugge

For creating a wonderful maker community that really started my entire journey in making things. You gave me great advice when I asked if I should build SMUMods, but I didn’t heed it and didn’t manage to build a profitable product. However, for allowing me to hang out in WIP, where other makers share their progress has encouraged me to keep at it and now I’m working on my next product. This time, I’m heeding you’re advice: monetise early.

Pat Walls

For writing daily on your daily journal. It’s that very journal and consistency which inspired this Daily journal of mine. You’ve also been very kind to encourage me to pursue Young Makers and to give it a try. Seeing you grow Starter Story from nothing to something with WIP as a starting point has been nothing short of inspiring. Keep doing you!

Cedric Chin

Although we have only met briefly a very long time ago while I was a naive young kid, we have since caught up with each other in recent months. In that short span of time, you have been so kind to share your advice and thoughts with me on career development, personal growth and being a better thinker. A lot of my recent Paradigm shifts responsible for a recent accelerated rate of personal growth are attributed to you. I’m thankful enough you don’t find me too much a bother whenever I throw you an occasional question on something you have wrote. Last but not least, I’ve actually been reading your writing for a while before we caught up over chats. Reading what you wrote shaped me, slowly, in many ways for the better. Talking to you in recent months helped to nail the lessons in harder, for the better. I hope we can continue to learn from each other (if I’m at able to be of value to your learning) for many years to come.

Jimmy Lee

For creating this pleasant writing platform; for being so kind to advise me on life occasionally and being ever so encouraging. It really makes this maker journey way less lonely. Your passion for making great things transformed into a brilliant product you have built has been a great encouragement to me. I’m inspired to keep at whatever I’m doing until it becomes great. I hope we keep in touch and meet someday in real life and we become good friends. You’re a nice person, I know that for sure. Oh, and you’re a great steward of running a community — you know how to make people feel good. That’s something I’ve learnt from you too.

Nat Eliason

Thanks for building such a wonderful course on Roam Essentials. Im also thankful for your understanding and willingness to comp me a membership for your course. Without which, I would not have been able to effectively learn Roam fast enough to make it stick as a habit. I now take copious notes for any interesting articles I read and I feel less anxious about reading so much, but not producing any new content. I’m sure my notes will soon translate into quality long form essays. I hope to learn more from you soon.

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