Day 57: Retrospective 001

I have just finished 8 days of building in public and 57 days of writing a public daily journal. This post is a retrospective of sorts, like SCRUM sprint retrospectives, on what I’ve learnt and how I can improve.

Foundations are missing

  • Poor time management


    I need to timeblock more, stick to it. Spend less time on twitter and be deliberate about using it. I’m worried about not being able to grow it but I think the Gary Vee $1.80 strategy I’ve been using might not be very sustainable — I can’t always be in a state of being ready to reply to a tweet and hope to get a follow back.


  • Take Better Notes


    Reading the evergreen notes strategy by Andy mastuchak made me feel that I need to write on 1 topic at a time and my research needs to be deliberate.

  • Deliberate Personal Growth


    I should be more deliberate about my personal growth. I should identify what I want to improve in terms of knowledge and work on one thing at a time, like stacking the bricks. My friend Cedric mentioned this too.


    I can do these by picking 1 topic for every 3-4 days for young makers. First one could be how to research what ideas to have for a indie hacking project. Research which approach has had best results. Insert context for my readers


  • Improve Twitter / Social Media Skills


    take notes in a tweet storm format and in a Long form format (in that order)


    Tweet about what I’ve learnt on YoungMakersHQ and RT on my main account with a blog post on my process (this shows people my main account is the brain behind the content and show them the process of the art — maybe they will dig it)


    by time blocking my research I can take a look video of how I research and take roam notes (upload on YouTube to start my channel “building Young Makers in public — here’s my process, help me improve/ get inspired”

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