Day 59: New beginnings

My final examinations for the last semester of college has finally ended – i'll be damn if I fail a module and have to retain (which might happen because of some adminstrative issues with the school)

One of the things that really brightened up my day was being followed by Amy Hoy. She's one of my personal heroes that I respect deeply – she's fought so hard against her individual struggles and built up incredibles businesses and even trains people up to become better entrepreneurs.

I've always been a huge fan of Amy's writings and occasionally, her tweets. Despite having health problems, she's powered through them all and built many successful businesses – yes, she's a kickass serial entrepreneur. She didn't stop there. Using what she knew about starting successful businesses, she created 30x500, an online course where she trains entrepreneurs. The last I checked, it's about a 15% success rate? That's almost 1 in 5 who take the course that goes out and becomes a successful entrepreneur.

You're going to tell me now that I shouldn't be that superficial and think too much of it. I know. But will you just let me fanboy for a little while? 😻

On the topic of work, I've barely gotten anything done because I slept a lot throughout the day from 6PM till 11PM – i haven't had much sleep the night before because I was worried sick about the exams I have today. After waking up, I still felt really tired and I popped a sleeping pill because I want to wake up early tomorrow and reset my body clock. Start early, start fresh and I'll be more productive that way.

As usual, my systems power me through moments like these. I started to pick the easiest task I could do – preparing the content for Young Makers. I wrote about having a two-pronged strategy previously and I'm executing on it. But this is hard. I never knew my approach to this would be so difficult. The topic I chose to start with was “Finding the Right Idea” and there is a lot of information on this out there. So how do I know what's the best information? I don't.

Do I just compile a list of links and put it on Young Makers under the topic header "Finding the Right Idea"? Would this value add anyone?

I think there's some value-add but it's not ideal. I want to get into the content and break it down for people on what works and what doesn't. But wait, who am I to decide if the content is useful if I haven't applied it myself? The ones who would know this best are those who have tried the approach and it works for them. I should be getting them to tell me if it's useful and why (the context is always important when it comes to taking advice)

Maybe this is it. That's the approach I should be taking – compile resources into topics and let people rate them.

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