Day 61: Analysis Paralysis

No excuses. Messed this day up and succumbed to analysis paralysis, lost focus.🙏

Back on track tomorrow. Thanks to @petecodes for the advice! 😊

“.. I started No CS Degree with four articles”

Will get my content up tomorrow, regardless of how terrible it is

Will also work on the react components to make the site work. I’ll put together a scrappy one first and refine it after I soft launch.

i should have remembered the fundamentals:

  • launch to test if there’s demand

  • work with my readers and followers to refine the Value Prop (Mat Sherman is good at this — we talked over twitter DMs to figure his VP out for his newsletter)

im going to get over this hump and I will figure a way to use Young Makers to help other makers to avoid analysis paralysis (remember the fundamentals!)

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