Day 63: Indie Meditations

No, I'm no Marcus Aurelius, one of the greatest emperors in the history of Rome. But like Marcus, I struggle with a great many things, as do many other people, with the ails of modern society. To deal with his struggles, he writes private notes to himself and ideas on Stoic philosophy. I can't claim to do anything remotely close to the timeless works he has written. However, I've noticed myself doing something similar, at least in spirit, for my Indie Hacking journey.

Instead of military campaigns, I run indie projects and the war is against the modern enemies of makers:

  • Time

  • Procrastination

  • Distractions – Netflix

  • Laziness / Idleness

  • many more

As I fight these enemies, and lose occasionally, I learn in the process. I learn more about fighting them and the strategies that may prevail. Most importantly, I learn how to master my mind and body to deal with more more effectively, with each passing day.

Maybe in a decade, many other aspiring makers could turn to the best of my daily writings as a form of Indie Meditations. Should I succeed in my endeavour, the weight of my words would only increase because now people would want to know what were my thoughts as I encountered the difficult moments, which I have surmounted to get to where I am.

Therefore, it is important for me to write these journal, as if I were trying to teach my younger self; to think better; to cut through the noise; to calm the mind and to learn how to learn better. That those who come upon these writings would live a better life that I could have.

I give you Indie Meditations.

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