Day 66: Eternal Gratitude

These thoughts kept ruminating in my mind and it might as well be about time I put them down into words. Maybe I’ll be able to think clearer then.

today was a huge struggle for me because of many dilemmas as I built my product, Young Makers:

  1. Trying hard to not over optimise things — should I create a custom markdown editor? I decided I could make do with using markdown Editors that’s already out there and copy paste it into my site. It’s less of a risk to build a product that I’m not sure if anyone would even use


  2. Not being sure of my value proposition. How am I different from indie hackers, starter story and failory? What’s going to set me apart? What’s going to give me a “moat” that prevents people from just coming in and copying me?


  3. What if it doesn’t work out?!?

I wished I had people to work these out with me, I would be eternally grateful for them. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

I want to always remind myself to help others should they need me, where I can, and if they’re ready to accept help.

Im open to learning as much as I can now because I’m eager, and desperate to succeed — not in an unhealthy obsessed kind of way of course.

Note: A few moments ago as I was drafting this, got a tweet from an indie maker who follows me that she’s up to bounce ideas on the value prop with me. I think the universe is hearing me somehow 🤯🙏

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