Day 67: Building The Future I Want To Be In

Marc Andreesen, a famous entrepreneur and VC who founded A16Z, a world-class Venture Capital firm that has invested in hundreds of top-tier startups wrote It's Time To Build. That post set Twitter on fire and sparked a movement. Existing entrepreneurs were imbued with additional energy to continue with what they were already doing – creating life-changing innovations, new jobs, and more. Those who were not yet building things started to think about how they could, and justifiably, they should.

For far too long, most of us have been passively consuming too much – from physical products like food and consumer peripherals to mental products like online articles, youtube videos…

Yet, few of us bother to turn all these inputs into products that value-adds others. We consume endlessly and excrete wihtout ever giving back by producing meaningful output. The ones that do process inputs meaningfully into valuable outputs such as innovative products, thought-provoking essays and cutting-edge research papers, they tend to succeed because they're creating so much value. The value they create is something people need and they will pay for it. Companies pay for innovations. People pay for products they need. You get the idea.

How does this applies to me? My goal is to build the product I wished I had as a Young Maker. For 2 years, I passively consumed information and did little to process the inputs into anything valuable. That's why I have NOTHING – no audience, no profits, no famous products, nothing at all. Instead of lamenting how I'm unsuccessful and whining to friends about the fact, I decided to start taking action.

I love reading and I love curating things for my friends. I take pride in hearing them say “thanks Gab, this is really useful” and then “I've applied the tips you shared in that article and i achieved some results (inserts screenshots)" I love this because I could actually read things and help people find articles or information that actually helped them in some way or another. There is a lot of power in curating – I save people time and I help them discover useful things they otherwise wouldn't have found.

To build the future I want – a future where more aspiring makers like me can easily gain access to resources I wished I had, I'm busy chipping away at Young Makers. I'm getting closer to my goals day by day and I don't know whether I'll succeed, but I'll never know unless I try.

I really want to build this future I want to be in, where makers like me can thrive and I'm working on it every single day.

PS: If you love what i'm doing, please leave me a note or a DM and tell me why you love it. That boost of motivation will go a long way. 🙏

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