Day 68: The days are long, but the years are short

It’s been 68 days since I’ve kept to a consistent habit of writing daily. Today is also the 20th day I’ve been consistently working on Young Makers.

The days feel long, full of todos that never seem to end. Even if I chipped away at it, as if were a large wooden block, I’m never sure if the end result will be something I desire: success.

Yet, as the days pass me by, the years feel short. The brevity of life makes me ponder if I’m spending my days right at all.

I see many others chipping away at their things and succeeding. Product Hunt launches, media acclaims, profitability, follower count, congratulations and the like. I can feel a tinge if jealousy within but I know better not to give in to those feelings.

Do they deserve what they achieved? Some of them have questionable character: in particular, they don’t seem like they’re grateful at all. Why did I even help them in the first place?

Instead of trying to help others, I should help myself first. As much as I long to succeed together with my friends, they might not feel the same way. At least now I know for sure, I’ll do my best to never forget to be grateful where it is due.

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