Day 70: fear and uncertainty

I'm almost done with Young Makers and am set to launch on Twitter and amongst close friends once I add in the newsletter / emails component.

As I'm nearing that, I'm worried about dozens of things such as:

  1. Will people give a shit?

  2. What if I flunk this

  3. What if someone tells me it's crap

  4. What if I don't grow fast enough?

  5. Am I able to create amazing content without Interviews?

  6. Will I ever be good enough to create amazing content?

  7. How long will it take to get to my first sponsor? What if it takes forever?

  8. There's people like Tyler Tringas, Arvid Kahl, etc that I want to work with, but would I ever be good enough to get on their radar?

  9. Is my site ready? I refactored the business database behind the admin role

  10. What if someone copies me?

  11. I haven't added the tagging feature yet!

  12. Will my site crash??

  13. What happens if my parents figure out I'm doing part-time dev work to work on this and I'm not making a lot of money?

  14. What happens if I don't make enough money?

  15. Will I be able to make enough within the next 1 year to prove that this is going somewhere?

  16. Will I be able to afford a home with my girlfriend?

Sigh. It's all an overwhelming blur. But I'll figure it out, I almost always do. I have to. That's what a maker's supposed to do.

I really need any help I can get.

I wished there were more people like Pete from NoCSDegree I could talk to. It will feel less uncertain and nice to have someone who's been there done there, re-assuring me.

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