Day 71: Launched Newsletter

Day 23 of building in public

Today was a crazy whirlwind ride

• Did a long call with @Kamphey

• We setup my newsletter from scratch + lined up interviews with successful makers

• He advised me on the Creative direction, monetisation etc

• 1 interview done

🔥 BAM! We launched my newsletter

I’m incredibly thankful to Andrew Kamphey who was so kind to spend a few hours guiding me on setting up a Newsletter. He walked me through every aspect of setting up a newsletter, crafting good interview questions and lining up successful makers to interview.

The Internet is really amazing giant community with great people like Andrew. All these started from a tweet about ISAs for Young Makers to get connected with, and mentored by successful makers. Andrew tweeted a reply that he was up for it and I reached out to him. We bounced a few ideas and realised texting was too hard to move our conversation faster. So we hopped on a call.

Andrew ran me through everything about newsletters:

  • His personal story (on TOP of 2-3 links he sent — I loved every bit of those stories by the way)


  • The ideas I had and what’s my curiosity and to tap into them


  • We settled on Young Makers First Profits, a newsletter where we interview successful makers on how they got their first profits. Then we interview aspiring makers who are trying to get their first profit. We then break down what are the differences between them and how they can get to profits as soon as possible (WIP idea I’m iterating on)


  • I have a lot of other notes from the call which I’ll compile tomorrow and send to Andrew. It’s the least I can do to thank him for his time.

I’m really thankful for this opportunity. Thanks Andrew, and Anne-Laure for starting Newsletter Geeks and accepting me into the community.

I’m finally starting a newsletter and I feel really proud to belong to this community! Can’t wait to see where this takes us. One thing that is for sure, I’m going to keep doing this newsletter because my first interview with a successful maker taught me a lot about making first profits. Having a Day 1 mindset like Bezos would be useful even for a future me, should I become successful by then. Also, I believe in the potential of what I could do with this idea if I keep iterating and improving on it. Many Young Makers could really benefit.

PS: also many thanks to my girlfriend for being a great source of encouragement.

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