Day 73: If you're waiting, you're not making

The Most Important Thing I've Learned From Interviewing Successful Makers

If you're waiting, you're not making.

Don't wait for people to give you permission

Don't give yourself excuses to procrastinate

Don't wait for people to notice you

Don't wait for your inspiration to hit you

Don't wait for answers

Don't wait for tomorrow to come

Do these instead:

Do it first, seek forgiveness later

Follow up on deals; Make them happen

Make them notice you

Great products are borne out of 1000s of iterations

Create the answers yourself

Do your tasks today so you can get more done tomorrow

As Ryan Kulp puts it in one of his posts:

if you wait for the perfect moment to do something great, you never will. because life kinda sucks like that, she always makes you work for it

I did most of these today and crushed my tasks even though I started the day on really low energy – my sinus infection seemed to have came back.

Note: “If you're waiting, you're not making” was originally said to me by Andrew Kamphey who mentored me on my newsletter journey.

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