Day 77: Naive thoughts of an aspiring maker

I'm writing to remember how hard it is to connect with more successful makers.

It helps a lot for successful makers to tell a young maker something like “I like what you’re doing and I’m watching for your next product release”. Maybe the allure of this is that we stand a chance to get face time or more mentoring.

Andrew Kamphey mentored me and I launched my first newsletter with moderate success. Without his help, this would be really hard. Other makers would benefit a lot from being able to convert attention from successful makers into some form of mentoring.

I understand this can be really hard if there’s tens of thousands of followers on Twitter. But hear me out on a wild idea. When I’m successful, I’d like to keep a “Gabriel’s 500 to watch list”. The list would be 500 aspiring makers im actively tracking to see their progress. I’ll make it a point to occasionally encourage them, and open AMAs etc.

For this to be sustainably useful to other makers, they have to fulfil some conditions. Firstly, it is if they agree to also keep a similar list. This would allow them to “pay it forward” to other makers who haven’t progressed as well as them.

I reckon a Twitter CRM might be useful here. We’ll see.

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