Day 78: Fresh Graduate Career Dilemmas

The past 2 days has been hazy for me, with little to no productivity. I've been down with a slight flu (not coronavirus, don't worry). Working remotely as a software engineer comes with certain commitments. I love my work but not all of it. It's fun to get paid to learn new things and build something new from scratch.

However, I can't see myself doing this for the long term because i'll never be able to afford my future home with the pay I'm getting. At least not within the timeframe I've set for myself to get the house: 3-4 years. The typical public housing apartment costs around 400-500K here in Singapore. I'm only at $1-2K in savings. I know, I didn't have good saving habits when I was younger and I regret it. But the point isn't to regret but to figure out what's next.

I derive a lot of joy in the work I do for my newsletter, Young Makers. It's a lot of work because I'm just starting out. However, I own the entirety of my newsletter and I own my time fully. If I don't work smart and hard, I don't get paying subscribers, sponsors or affiliate income. There's more motivation for me to want to work smarter and to focus on creating more value. My current remote gig requires me to work by the hour and that stresses me out. The less hours I work, the less I get. It doesn't matter even if I worked smart.

This is hard.

It's hard to be an aspiring maker that's just starting out.

Note: I'm grateful to my friends who offered me the current remote gig I have. With the current economic climate, it's terribly hard to find a job. Let alone one with the perks of flexibility – I get to work anywhere I want to.

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