Day 79: Serendipituous Bliss

I started the day with a bad sinus. I was so uncomfortable and grumpy. But I knew I had to get some code done for the stand up meeting later. This meeting was important to me because it’s the remote job I’m doing full time now. It’s what’s going to pay for my future home. To not be overcome by the sinus, I decided to take one tablet of Zyrtec.

I trudged in and coded whatever I could. I’ve been feeling unwell the past 2 days and didn’t get much done. Time passed quickly and it was soon 10. I had a call with Phil, another newsletter operator I met through Newsletter Geeks. Andrew, my newsletter mentor introduced us to each other. He suggested we helped each other out as we were just starting out with our newsletters. Furthermore, our audiences overlapped nicely — young makers and students.

The call went well and I enjoyed the conversation with Phil very much. I was a little surprised when he told me it was soon 1030. He was worried for me as I had a company stand up meeting to attend. We rushed through our next steps and decided to do shoutouts for each other in our newsletters. Really excited for this one!

Last I checked, I had 61 subscribers today. I’ll be ramping up my efforts promoting it to various watering holes like reddit, IH, hacker news (did this a few minutes ago)

Spent the rest of my day on my remote work, pair programming with a junior colleague and fixing up this Friday’s newsletter issue.

Pondered a little about how I could scale Young Makers. I have no answers for this but I know the key thing for a maker to do is to be biased towards action. Pick the next most rational step and execute fast. Find the simplest way to test a hypothesis.

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