Day 84: Bias for action + Start a Junto

Someone I knew saw the value of the newsletter mastermind group and paid $50. Later today, we're going to kickstart the first cohort and I'm super excited. I've been tweeting recently about how I'd like to start a Junto of my own. I was talking about forming my own community that I could level up with to my friend, Eugene. He said there was a term for it and it was "Junto"

One of these tweets resonated with my followers. I gave it further thought and came across a few tweets from entrepreneurs I respect. Simon Sarris wrote:

A lot of good thinking resembles play. I think its important to vocalize nascent and feeble ideas. But this can be embarrassing or get you axed. One of the great benefits of clubs, from ancient exclusive societies to today's secret slacks, is making space for this kind of play.

Reading this made me feel like starting my own Junto.

For the past week, I've been shadowing Andrew, my newsletter mentor. I've learnt how he does things and noticed one thing that stands out. He has a huge bias for action and that creates a sort of aura around him.

I wanted to copy that. Whenever I start to procrastinate a little, I tell myself to get off it and start confronting the task. Just do it and get it over and done with. This kicked off a chain effect and I started getting more work done.

A bias for action is a powerful paradigm to have.

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