Day 86: My First Mastermind Group

It was the first time I’ve ever ran a mastermind group. I’ve always wanted to form a community of my own. I wanted one that was full of energy, action and growing together. I don’t know if this group is it yet but I want to have a crack at this. I want to make it work so there’s a place for people to grow. Not alone, but together as a community.

I was so happy when Zac and Gian said they were really glad to find Young Makers. It melted my heart and I’ll always remember this. Sometimes I feel like an imposter. But I’m doing my best to provide as much value as I can.

Ive also been thinking about how Eugene has been growing. He’s been more consistent than I am in Long-form writing. And the results are showing. I’m really proud of him. At the same time, Im not fulfilling two important criteria for success:

success = consistency * quality

if consistency was less than 1.0, no matter how much quality I put in, it would be useless. I’d still get less than 100%.

therefore I must be both consistent and put in quality work. Quality work is 10,000 iterations.

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