Day 89: plateauing?

Am I plateauing? I’ll be honest here. Everyone thinks I’m a productivity beast or that I get lots of shit done in a day. They are so wrong.

All I have been doing recently since I started my newsletter are these:

  1. Wake up for 10am sprint standup message. Prepare breakfast and do a sprint standup call on Hangouts at 1030am till 11am.

  2. Pair programming calls and coding for my work until 5pm

  3. Go on twitter to tweet, comment, follow and the like — or what twitter experts would recommend in order to grow “my audience”

  4. Read random articles on the internet

  5. Watch YouTube videos instead of reading books. mostly videos on building homes, taoism and other assorted random

  6. Tweet daily about my progress

  7. Write daily

  8. Sleep

in between I would reply to tweets or telegram messages.


I don’t care if my revenue is going up. im just not happy that I’m not creating great content ON MY OWN. I want to write essays with original thought that I can be proud of. I want to write well and damn well.

I’m going to fix this. I’m going to turn down meetings that aren’t necessary. I’m going to timeblock my schedule and allocate time to improve my writing. No distractions during timeblocks.

just learning how to write better. No social media.

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