Day 91: Newsletter OKRs

It’s nice to be able to make some money from running Young Makers. However, I don’t think the money will make me truly happy. It’s just there to as an option.

  • I could use it to stop working a full-time job in future

  • I could do more with the money to help other young makers starting out (Maker fund?)

  • I could pay the bills of running it (emails, software etc)

  • I could grow it and help more young makers

  • Many other positive things

The main goal has always been to help young makers. I know how hard it is to start something and fail at it. It can be tiring slogging away at a product. Only to know people aren’t going to pay for it. And to worry about having money to afford the lifestyle they want.

It can be easier. I want Young Makers to play a huge part in making that happen.

By the end of 2020, I want to help 1000 young makers get to their first sustainable profit. Ambitious but worth a shot.

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