Day 92: The pieces are fitting

I set my OKRs and stuck to it. It kept me aligned with my purpose for Young Makers. I knew why I started it and where I wanted it to go. More concisely, I want to help 1000 makers get to their first sustainable profits in 2020. Its madly ambitious because I barely have 230 subscribers.

Statistics would say not all subscribers are new makers. Nor would they necessarily succeed. Hence I’d never be able to hit my OKR. That’s okay.

With an ambitious OKR, it forces me to be Creative. I can’t play by old rules. I can’t move slow either. Nor can I stop. I have to keep moving and iterate fast. That’s the only way I’ll get remotely close to my goal. Even if I failed, I’d still learn so much valuable lessons.

This sounds fluffy, but I’ll tell you why it’s not. That burst of energy gave helped me to look at things differently. Full time work pays me to learn how to build apps. I use what I learn to become better at building products.

After work, I’d be drained of energy. But the ambitious OKRs fires me up. I tell myself to keep going because if I stopped, I would never progress. And I whipped out twitter and tweeted. I asked if any makers could help me put discount deals together for my subscribers. No replies but that’s ok. I DMed some personally.

Alas, my bootstrapping hero Amy Hoy DMed saying she would like to help. She gave Young Makers a $5 deal for a book that originally cost $19. I was beyond happy. I was glad I kept moving even when it was hard to.

Before all these, I was also helping my girlfriend to put together an email draft. She needed it to convert some sales leads I got for her through Indie Hackers. I wanted her to keep her momentum going. She already closed a sale a day ago and it was her first online dollar. Like me when I got my first online dollar, she couldn’t believe it either. However, she knew she was creating value and getting paid to do that at the same time.

When you keep trying and working smarter, the pieces will eventually fit together.

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