Day 94: A Fear of Copycats

I'll admit upfront that today was not productive for me at all. I slept late at 4AM because I got too excited. How could I not be? I managed to get a conversation with one of my personal indie hacking heroes, Amy Hoy. However, I don't regret this at all though. I had a pleasant chat with her – she's nicer than what I imagined her to be. I had actually thought she was going to chew me up if I said something wrong. Nah, she's actually really nice and understanding.

Sleeping that late was going to mess with my body's immune system. I had flu for the rest of the day and could not focus well. I will have to learn how to better manage my excitement. I'm here for the long game. I want to keep working at my full-time job because I enjoy it. There's a lot of overlaps with my side hustles. I'm paid to learn and my side hustles provide my company with new perspectives.

The day sucked but it wasn't so bad.

Nearer to the end of the day, Indie Hackers retweeted my Deals. Rosie Sherry taught me how to work with community better. I'm going to schedule some time blocks to do a 100 things I learnt from Rosie Sherry. We'll see how that turns out.

I did a whereby call with Sunny Shah. He ran me through what he was building and man, it's really interesting. He's building a gamified habits google sheets. Over the call, he walked me through how it worked and I provided feedback. However, I was in a rush for the next call so we made this quick. Hoping to hop on another call with Sunny soon. Will figure out how to put his sheet to use.

Right after Sunny's call, I hopped on one with an old acquaintance, Justin. He was trained as a VC and is currently working as a product manager. He had heard of indie hacking for a while and stumbled on my Twitter. Intrigued by it, he reached out to me over Telegram and we arranged this call. He had a lot of questions, which I found really helpful.

Somehow, my mentor, Andrew Kamphey's advice just floated in my head. Here I was applying it and doing an interview with my target user – an aspiring maker. I wanted to know what Justin was struggling with. I love how clear he is with his thinking. It helped me tremendously in figuring out how I can angle Young Makers better.

Before all this, I was worried about copycats starting to do interviews with makers. They were angled quite closely with Young Makers. It was stressing me out but I knew better this just meant one thing. I had to focus better and double down on my value proposition. The best way to do this was to speak with my target audience. All the things I read about product management, I had tried to apply them to my side projects. Now they were compounding in interest and making sense to me. I had actual use for them in ways I never envisioned.

I'm going to make Young Makers the best entry point to indie hacking. That's it.

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