Day 95: Interviewed Mike Rubini

I'm an absolute amateur when it comes to interviewing people. I won't deny that I have only a month of experience with it.

I had to settle administrative matters for the 1 month left I have of my mandatory military service. Spent the whole morning and early afternoon commuting to a camp for dental checkup. Then I went to grab lunch for takeaway and headed home.

Throughout the afternoon, I was having a conversation with Dru Riley. We bounced a lot of ideas and might be onto something. We will see. Dru's going to make it big with, his current flagship project.

Now, it was late afternoon and I started chatting with Mike Rubini. He's a successful consultant turned SaaS indie hacker. He's my 4th edition's interview for Young Makers. The questions I gave him didn't seem to draw out powerful insights. I knew I had to tease this out of him with further questions. I took to twitter DMs, where he's very responsive to my messages.

We bounced questions and answers back and forth over the next few hours. I was so intrigued by his story my eyes almost popped off. I‘m not going to provide spoilers so if you want the full story, subscribe to Young Makers’ Newsletter. Check out Edition #4 when it's out tomorrow.

Doing interviews like that with Mike and all the other interviews before his... it's one of the happiest things I can do in my current season in life. I get to interview and make friends with founders I respect. At the same time, I'm learning how to help them narrate their stories. I do that in a way where my readers will stay hooked and receive as many takeaways as possible.

I love interviewing founders. I want to get better at it and keep doing this for as long as I can.

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