Day 97: Taming Patience

I noticed I get impatient easily. I dislike how people overthink problems. I know I do this myself sometimes but I’m more aware about it. The difference between me and others who overthink problems is that I work smarter.

I read a lot and incrementally try to implement suggestions in what I read. Some work, some don’t. The rate at which I fail at a micro level is probably quite a lot.

If I were to succeed at a larger scale someday, I’d attribute a great portion of that to this trait. Learn fast, work smart, work hard. Not one or the other. All of them at once.

Patience isn’t my greatest strength but I’m sure I’m building it up. I get tested to my limits often, but the growth mindset tells me it’s okay. If I’m not stretched beyond my limit, I’m not growing.

Other Notes

  • HN News flagged my interview post with Mike Rubini. Sad about it but I know it’s just part of the process. It takes trial and error for me to get good at this.

  • Tried Reddit again after feeling inspired by Harry Dry’s marketing post. Seems to be gaining traction. This time I made sure there’s no self promo links. I’m going to just focus on value adding the community.

  • Things feel like they’re slowing down. It’s difficult to deal with the problems of 2 people sometimes. But I know this too will pass. It’s the flow of life. Each event serves as a lesson for us to learn. Perhaps it’s telling me to slow down and not take things too superficially?

  • A recurring thought on creating Long-form content is bothering me. I will get to the root of it later in the afternoon.

  • Back to timeblocking tomorrow. I’m going to track my todos so I can track my blockers.

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