Dy 90: Write like this

My newsletter mentor suggested I practice writing with this framework in mind. Do it enough so it’s ingrained in my mind.

Despite the relatively large surge in followers because of my progress with Young Makers. Having revenue, subscribers and building in public, I’m still shallow.

I lack substance and I feel it in my bones. I’ll be timeblocking slots to do the Poynter course. I’ll also do a Creative dive to explore new formats for Young Makers.

I’ll have to think of how to write 2-3 evergreen articles weekly. Then link to them in my newsletter. I must use what I already have — roam research and help from better Writers than me. I can’t spend too Long on this. It’s hard to know if a format will work.

I’ll find the signals and as soon as I detect something, I’ll double down and hone in on it.

I’ll cover this next week:

  • Maker ISAs (thought piece)

  • How did Harry Dry get this far? (case study)

  • Top 50 makers you must follow and why (plus ebook)

I’ll have to first finish next newsletter’s draft. Mike Rubini goes next! Only if I clear this first will I have a peace of mind to focus on the 3 deep dive evergreen content .

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