My Vision for SMUMods (Draft v1)

SMUMods is a sort of utopian incubator for student projects.

Students work on something that interests them. And that something is also feasible as a feature on SMUMods.

What can students work on?

These projects could be ideas ranging from:

  • a simple data model that recommends the best modules to bid for or maybe a bidding price

  • a chat service that allows students to build meaningful communities with a ledger (you get rewarded for doing certain things)

  • or something as Low level as optimising the response time of our entire platform. 

  • or something as complex as turning the entire platform into a micro service architecture

  • many others, you get the idea

What about side projects?

All of which while taking into realistic considerations such as cost, feasibility and coherence to the vision and mission – to improve student life.

These projects, as they are practical and turned into real products used by thousands of students, makes it more meaningful as a side project. This is because you're no longer building something that's a proof of concept. You're now forced to understand how solutions are built for the real-world, for real usage in ever dynamic environments.


In addition, it’s also about providing a support community with people that are more experienced in various things. We would all then try to help each other and provide peer support in forms like: working on it together, teaching you the ropes if you’re a new developer, teaching each other how to learn more effectively.

These are things I wished existed for me as a student. I didn’t have these opportunities then but I’ve created it for myself, albeit a bit late for myself, but hopefully they will serve as a potential pathway for many more junior developers in the months and years to come.

Wrap up

I hope contributors to SMUMods will understand how:

  • to build a product or feature from scratch with their own hands

  • own something and acquire users from scratch (and learn how to from people who have been there) — think of PG’s do things that don’t scale

  • how to learn better and how to work more effectively in a team

  • how to think larger than merely building a side project for fun (I want you to consider the business implications and costs)


Could SMUMods be a launch pad for students to go into:

  • FAANG or equivalent startups/businesses

  • do their own startup

  • Indie Hack?

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