Why I Want To Build

A strange sense of ecstasy blended with a little of envy envelops me. This happens frequently whenever I look at successful indie hacking projects. In particular, the ones on Baremetric's Open page.I try to compose myself and ask myself why am I feeling this way. Some answers I could think of:I want that something:

  1. That I can be proud to call mine
  2. To help people
  3. To mean something to the people it has helped
  4. To make me enough wealth for a decade or more
  5. To help me hone my abilities as an entrepreneur to understand how markets work. And how to make more wealth starting with an idea I executed on
  6. To allow me to build on top of it, and expand the reach of my impact through that something. Feature, by feature. Team by team, and onto millions upon billions.
  7. That gives me the freedom to work anywhere I want to
  8. That gives me the freedom to hire and mentor anyone I want to
  9. That gives me the credibility to mentor anyone I want to
  10. That gives me the influence to reach beyond what an average joe could achieve.

The sheer thought of all those possibilities excites me. Sheer trembling. Merely at the thought of how much I can achieve. It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be a fulfilling one.I want to be able to look back and reflect, and share the following:

  1. I took the less trodden path, and made it work
  2. I persisted and climbed mountains upon mountains, shaped valleys upon valleys... until I built something that would be a home for thousands, if not millions.

There are so much joys entrepreneurship brings. And we focus too much on these. I want to share, like how Richard Branson shared his journey, the struggles one has to go through. I want to write, as much as I can, about all these feelings... all these struggles... all these pain... all the little joys that add up into something beyond what I could comprehend. Something that the passage of time could solely express and reveal.

With all these in mind, it would be terrible to go down this path alone.

Perhaps, I could form a Junta, like how Benjamin Franklin did. Through these junta, I would level up with like minded friends, for as long as we can be friends for. If anyone is up to it, let's chat about it. Reach me on Telegram at @gabrielchuanI would love to share my experiences as I trod on.

All I ask of you is to share yours in return and that we inspire each other.

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